Getting Started

Well here it is! I have wanted to start an art blog page for some time now. I finally got the courage to sit down and just do it! 🙂

I want to share with you my new art work. I have started color pencil drawing and pastel painting. I am still learning and exploring new techiques, while figuring out which supplies work best for me. This all started when my mother came to visit.

I dug out my unused supply of colored pencils for her to use. She likes to paint and draw early morning outside on the porch with her morning beverage. I sat down beside her one morning and gave colored pencils a try. Now I’m hooked!

The first colored pencil drawing was of a red bing cherry! Whenever I want to get motivated I usually start with something I love! I love to paint and use red as much as possible. Bing cherries come easy for me to draw. Maybe because I’ve drawn so many of them by now!

My next attempt was a little more challenging. I started with a still life drawing of a white rose. I wanted to make the white rose glow. I blended white, cream and yellow to soften petals. I have not experimented with background as of yet. Keeping the background black gives me that high contrast affect.

With a little more confidence under my belt I completed White Rose colored pencil drawing.This is its final stage!